Sunday, February 27, 2011

First Post Ever and Church in New Jersey

Everyone these days seems to have a blog, especially my young, newly married friends. I was starting to feel really un-cool so....I've joined the young married blogging world. I don't really think I'm all that funny or witty and I'm not even sure if I'll ever tell anyone I have a blog so I may just be talking to myself, but hey, what's new? Sometimes its nice to have something to talk to and to write a few of my thoughts down. And if anyone does ever read either you have no life and need to internet stalk me or you must be family :) And family is non-judging. Supposedly.

We are in New York with our track team this weekend for the Great West Conference Championships! Today we went to church in the Mapleton New Jersey ward. It was so incredible. As soon as I entered the church doors I just felt like I was at home, like I belonged. Being in a new place, especially a busy city like New York you feel small and insignificant and kinda....lost. But at church I knew where I was and everything was familiar. It felt so good and warm :) yeah yeah okay enough of the sappy testimony bearing...but really it was great. Our bus driver came to sacrament with us and it was really neat. I wonder what he thought, no hallelujah and praising the Lord, he probably thought we are freakin boring people! One of the deacons bore his testimony about the temple, SO funny!! "Well we went there and we like got baptized for the dead people you know and like I had a good feeling and the font had all these bulls around the bottom. And when we were done we had to wait around for the slow people, like Johnathon and I wanted to go upstairs to the rest of the temple but you can't do that till you are like....14 I think" I am so grateful that I was able to attend sacrament today and that I have a coach who understands and supports our religion.