The Cancer Saga

On May 31, 2012, a week after my 22nd birthday, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Ovarian Cancer. On June 6th I went in for a diagnostic laparotomy and they removed four cancerous tumors. I started chemotherapy on July 9th. I had a second surgery on October 9th where they completed a hysterectomy and removed spots on my liver and diaphragm. I went from a collegiate athlete to a cancer fighter in a month, check out my story here.

If you want to know how I have such a peace and happiness about me check out 

Hopefully these links will provide easier and quicker access to the information and stories you want :) Here's to my journey with cancer!

Here is a list of the links to my cancer story starting with the beginning at the top:

Important Stuff
The Cancer
The Surgery
The Hospital
The Treatment Plan
Getting the Port
First Chemo Treatment
Second Chemo Treatment
Third Treatment/Thoughts on When I Will Lose My Hair
Fifth Treatment
7th Treatment: Beginning of 3rd Round
Pros/Cons of Having Cancer
2nd PET scan results after 3 rounds of treatment
My Speech about The Last Lecture: UPDATED
Ready for 2nd treatment
4th Treatment: no go. First run
CT Scan...waiting for results
NED: NO Evidence of Disease

Fun Stuff
I'm Home (Finally)
Little Blessings (Going to the Zoo)
An Amazing Fundraiser Bake Sale
Healthy and Happy....for now
First Run since Surgery
Gouda (picture of my port)
Thoughts on Being a Mom
Fun Things I Have Been Up To
Monkey Gets Surgery
Not Bald Yet
Chopping My Hair/Lake Powell\
Redfish Lake/6th Chemo
Daily Dose of Sunshine
The Mormon Tabernacle Organ Experience
Busy Girl
Chickens/Puppies/UVU Soccer game
We got a Puppy
Date Night
First Exercise Since Surgery: Bike Ride
First Day Skiing
My Brother's Mission Call & More Chemo
Starting to Look Like Christmas
Snowshoeing/Making Popcorn
New Year's Eve and Chemo Grad Party
Sterling got a new job
Celebrating with NED
My Chemo-free Life

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