Fallen in Chocolate 5k

Thank you for everyone who made this 5k possible, it turned out to be a great success!! I had so much fun and I am so grateful to everyone who came to support me and my family!
September 29, 2012
Bywater Park, Cottonwood Heights

Register online here: http://runnercard.com/e/runner.Main?meet=4310
If that doesn't work go to www.runnercard.com. On the left hand side you will see options, click on Road Races/Triathalons. Then scroll down until you see the Fallen in Chocolate 5k

There will be a silent auction before/during/after the 5k. Also, if you would like to donate but do not want to participate in the race you can click the button on the sidebar that says "Donate Now" or you can go to this website: http://igg.me/p/215335?a=1112244 for my IndieGoGO campaign

There is going to be chocolate! Even if you hate running, just come for the chocolate :) There are going to be chocolate frosted doughnuts, McDonald's cookies, Creamies, Utah Truffles and more!
And the awesome t-shirts that will have the cute little monkey pictured above on them. Thanks to my uncle Dave for creating this super cute logo.

We would like to thank our many generous sponsors who have made this 5k possible:



  1. What can I do to help at the race? Do you have a phone number for someone I can get in contact with? -Brittany Rawlins-

  2. Brittany,

    You can contact Wendy Hone 801-971-9208.


  3. Is the money going for cancer research, or to help pay medical bills?

    1. The money will go towards medical bills. If we do it again in the future we'll definitely put it into cancer research!

  4. CREAMIES is sponsoring your 5K?! Could there be a more awesome sponsor?! I was oggling a large box of them at Costco just today! I wish I could be there to participate in your 5K!

  5. Hi Kalina! Just a note to say I am thinking of ya!! - Struna

  6. I know we've never met...but I just wanted you to know that my mom is an ovarian cancer SURVIVOR!!!! I SO get it. Hoping that I can make it to this race to support!!! Stay Strong!

  7. Yummmmy! I'll be there!

  8. Hello Kalina,

    I'm a friend of your Mom & Dad, and just heard about your cancer today. I've been reading your blog, and you are an amazing young woman! Keep the positive attitude going! You are winning the fight. Sorry I can't be at the race tomorrow, but my prayers are with you.

    Lee Millard


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