Thursday, March 10, 2011

Running Princess

Oh man how I LOVE the sun. Wow. It makes everything in life so much better! Running today was so fun! I went all by myself on the Provo River Trail from the mouth of the canyon up past Bridal Veil falls. I forgot my iPod which I was bugged about at first, but it gave me the chance to just listen to my thoughts and my breathing and nature. I am so glad now I wasn't hindered by listening to music....there's so much to hear during a 70min run up the canyon! The trees are all still dead and no signs of green buds yet, but it is still so beautiful. I wanted to bring my camera but I left that back at home with my iPod pictures this time. It's days like today that remind me how much I love running. Running is my job, my hobby, my passion, my life, my relaxant, my release, my stressor, my freedom. Running is ME. At least today that's how I feel about it :)
Here's a cool picture of me running last weekend in Vegas. I beat everyone in this heat :)

The other GREAT thing about today is that I get to see Tangled for the 4th time!!!! UVU is having a date night :) I love love love Tangled!!!!! Poor Sterling is getting dragged along, but they are serving us dinner so he reluctantly agreed to sit through it again. I think he secretly loves it ;)
I like Tangled because Rapunzel is such a feisty little thing! But at the same time she is so innocent and easily pleased. I love how she takes pleasure in such small things, it reminds all to do the same :) I also love how productive she is!! She sweeps the floor, makes cookies, brushes and brushes and brushes her hair and sews and makes candles all before noon or something! Man, very inspiring. And not only is she way productive...she enjoys it! Definitely a good role model. I want to be like her.

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