Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Spring Break Trippin'

I LOVE spending time with my sweetheart. Good ol' quality time with no interruptions (e.g. school....lame). We had an awesome spring break weekend together :)
We started out Wednesday afternoon at the Gateway browsing the shops. I got a cute shirt for 97 CENTS! And Sterling got some stylin' shades. I tried to find a swim suit but they were all ugly.
When it was finally time we checked into the Anniversary Inn :) awh soooo cute. We got the Jungle Room. Cuz there was a monkey painted on the wall, we practically had no choice as soon as I saw that.

We went to The Melting Pot for dinner. It was way good. It's kinda funny to me that you pay a million dollars for dinner and then you have to cook it yourself.....but it was fun. And I got to try Duck! It tasted like chicken. The best part though was....yep, you guessed it. Dessert. Chocolate/carmel fondue. Oh man, it was heavenl.
This is my plate of food. I had duck, pork, chicken, steak and potstickers.

We watched like 5 episodes of House when we got back to the room. And then some more in the morning while we waited for breakfast. Which was....yep, amazing. A delicious cinnamon roll and a ham & cheese croissant that was to die for. I love breakfast.

Skip the long boring ride to Zion's where I almost went crazy. And I definitely drove Sterling crazy. I don't know why.....
When we got to the Zion's Ponderosa Ranch it was FREEZING!! and snowing and windy and cold and our room had a bed and a couch. That's it. No TV, no bathroom, the heat wasn't turned on for us. Let me just tell you, I was not excited.
Me being bored while waiting for Landon and Kimmy
Don't worry, the next day was much better! I went on a great run in the mud/snow Friday morning and then Sterling and I drove into Zion's to go hiking with Dino and Kimmy. They....well they had a minor delay (poor guys) but they eventually made it safely and we decided to hike Angel's Landing. We cruised on up the mountain till we reached the real part of the hike. It is much scarier than I ever believed! The only thing that kept me going was remembering that my awesome mother-in-law made it all the way to the top. If she could do it, so can I. I can't let her beat me! And the fact that I also saw a bunch of old people coming down. How'd they get up there?! Is it wheelchair accessible?
Haha JK, but seriously. I was surprised at the type of people that were able to make it to the top. It was really fun hiking with Landon and Kimmy, I'm glad we got to spend time with them without a ton of other people around. It was a lot easier to get to know them better and be ourselves.
Sidenote...Kimmy asked me to be a bridesmaid!!!! AHHHH!!! I have always wanted to be someone's bridesmaid since forever! And I was way surprised cuz I know she has a million sisters and Brooke and Ash and stuff so it was really really nice of her to include me.
After Angels Landing and a little lunch stop at the bottom we went on a short hike to the Emerald Pools. Which were more like green puddles, but nevertheless it was pretty. The top pool had a gorgeous waterfall cascading over a glacier of snow that hadn't melted yet.
 After a long day of hiking it was time for ice cream! We were driving through Springdale and a sign caught my eye. It said "FUDGE"!!! Ah, stop there Sterling!!! Luckily that's where we were planning on stopping :) I got a half pound of fudge and Sterling got some sick ice cream (it wasn't chocolate). He liked it I guess. Weirdo.

Saturday was our last day. My morning run was soooooooo great. I ran down a mud and river trail and came out at the top of a waterfall! I took a moment to reflect and take in my surroundings :) Before we left the ranch we went on the zip line they had.
 We were reallllly cute in our helmets. Two more short hikes rounded out our Zion's trip. The first one was definitely the prettiest hike of the weekend. And we took the coolest pictures on the second one. Sterling says I'm a camera fiend. I'm just documenting! The prophets told us to.

So there you have it. Our first road trip together, a nice break from school and now back to reality.
And we sure got whipped with reality real quick when we got home. At church our friends asked us what time we wanted them over for dinner. What?!?!? Dinner? You? Over? Our place?? Shooooot. We had invited them.....oops. Not to worry, being as amazing as we are, we whipped together some corn flake chicken (albeit short on butter), some rice-a-roni (very high class), and some frozen Costco corn. It was definitely a 5-star meal.
Well, maybe the main course wasn't, but the homemade Ben & Jerry's chocolate ice cream they brought over? Truly a perfect end to our week.

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