Friday, November 16, 2012

Any Day on the Slopes is a Good Day

Yesterday was opening day at Snowbird Ski Resort. I coerced my dad into rescheduling all his work appointments for the day so he could go skiing with me. I really had to twist his arm, but I finally convinced him to take the day off. I had to beg and beg. This is how the conversation went "Dad, Thursday is opening day at Snowbird, do you" "Yeah we should go! Want to try your new skis?"
My dad is awesome. It was such a beautiful day on the mountain! We got up there at 8:30, just in time to pick up my season pass and get down to the lift when it opened at 9. The snow wasn't amazing, but it wasn't bad either! There were even a few small sections of powder-ish snow. I thought that I would be exhausted and have to take breaks every couple of minutes, but I was able to ski just like normal! It was so exciting! We skiied for a little over 3 hours and I only had to tell dad to let me rest one time.
I thought this week I would start losing my hair. Last time I started losing my hair about 16 days after my first treatment. That would have been on Tuesday/Wednesday, but my hair still feels soft and I still have to shave my pits! I hate the shaving part, but I am so happy my hair is still stuck on my head! I didn't realize how bald I had gotten, but I look much cuter with a little fuzz. Maybe I won't lose it this time! Okay, probably not but it never hurts to wish.

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