Monday, November 19, 2012

White Blood Cells, who needs 'em?

The thing that sucks worse than getting chemo, is not getting chemo. I had the awesomest plans for today! But my body had different plans for me. My lab results came back and my absolute neutrophil count (has to do with your white blood cells and is a measure of your immune status) was too low to get treatment :( It really sucks when they tell you that. I was especially excited to have my best Christmas present be ending chemo, but now I guess it can be my New Year's present :) Almost just as good.
Last night I stayed up all night making a costume for my monkey :) Dov, one of the other cancer patients has been planning a Thanksgiving celebration for today. He asked a bunch of people to make gift bags to give to the other cancer patients and those recovering from surgery. I dressed up as an Indian and monkey got to be a Pilgrim :) I must say it was a pretty awesome costume. I was so excited to give my little gifts to people and make them so happy and hardly 5 minutes after I was in the infusion room the nurse brought my labs to me and said "Sorry, but your counts are too low today. You can't get treatment." I was super bummed. However, I still got to show off my awesome monkey and I passed on the gifts I brought to Dov so he could hand them out later. He said KSL was coming to film so maybe you should check it out on the news later!
To make up for not getting treatment I decided to go running instead!!!!!!!!!! Isn't that a great trade-off?! I was planning on my first day being tomorrow but since I got home so much earlier than I thought I was going to, I went for a run!!! Gosh it sucks getting back in shape, especially getting back in shape when you have poison coursing through your veins. But I did 30 minutes of running time with only 3 breaks! Plus Koda got to go on his first run ever and he was a champ! He is going to be an awesome running partner. He's been passed out since we got back haha. It was really really hard and I was really slow, but it was a beautiful day and so nice to be able to get back out. 
The whole running gang
Can't wait for Thanksgiving!!! I have so much to be thankful for.

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