Thursday, January 17, 2013

Of Work and Puppies and Things

Monday Sterling was finally offered a job! It was some of the best news I have ever heard. He started on Wednesday and so far has really enjoyed it. He is the Marketing Professional for The Ready Store. He gets to do all the PPC (pay per click), affiliate marketing, email, catalog, etc. etc. business words blah blah. But it's a real grown up job like with a salary. Cool huh!

To celebrate we went on a date on Tuesday, our last day together before work started. I saw a flyer for a "create your own superhero" activity at the Huntsman Center so I made Sterling agree to go. It was actually pretty fun. Mostly just the artist in residence guy gave a little power point about superheroes and told us to create our own and set us loose. So we each drew and colored our own superheroes. It was fun being with other cancer patients and drawing. I love to color. 

Here are our finished products (well Sterling's wasn't quite done at this point):
My superhero is this awesome chick named Woman of sTEAL. Teal because that is the ovarian cancer color and steel as in strong metal. I had to explain that to the artist in residence because he thought we were spelling "steel" wrong on accident :) She radiates strength. Her hair is made of steel. Her motto was supposed to be "Cancer killer, chemo conqueror" but I wrote it wrong on my paper. Her monkey sidekick is for comic relief, he can always make people laugh. Sterling's superhero doesn't have a name yet. But he is strong as steel and he can fly. He's still a work in progress :)

After our fun coloring activity that I can't believe Sterling agreed to go to, we went to dinner at Red Lobster. Thank you mom for the gift cards so we could have a nice date. 

Today I decided to go crazy with my hair. I'm getting tired of the comb-over [boy] missionary parted hair style so I tried out the crazy spiky look. It was pretty fun. Here is my awesome photo shoot with myself. I am such a nerd. I know. And I don't even think you can tell how awesome my hair is haha.

Aww cute Koda was such a poser by me! My eyebrows and eyelashes are basically gone but for some reason the hair on my head keeps slowly growing! I love it.

Also, I will probably write a whole post on it, but my mom and I are doing the Little Red Riding Hood bike ride again this year! Last year I did it a day and a half after I found out I had cancer and completed all 80 miles. We want to do 80 miles again. And this year is going to be really special because we want to ride as part of the Huntsman Hometown Heroes. It is a non-profit organization that does this ride and as a stipulation to ride on their team you have to commit to raise at least $750 for cancer research. All the money goes directly to the Hunstman Center for breast and ovarian cancer research. I really hope we can get it because it would mean a lot to me to 1. support cancer research and 2. do what I love with a group that supports me as a cancer survivor.
Me and mom at Little Red last year, right after I found out I had cancer
My mom and I have set up two fundraising links so if you want to donate to cancer research for us, please do it! Here are the links you can do it through. It is tax deductible since it is for a non-profit organization. They give you all the tax info you need when you donate.

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  1. I know that woman of sTEAL, she is my super hero, when I grow up, I want to be as strong as her.
    Love Grandpa


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