Friday, June 22, 2012

Flowers in the Thorns

I LOVE MONKEYS. Everybody that knows me should know this. I have 9 monkeys. None of them are real :( But I got to feed the real ones at the zoo!!!!!

I was just about to take a nap on Wednesday morning when Sterling called me. He'd only been at work for an hour so I thought it was kinda weird. He told me to be ready to leave in 10 minutes that they had a surprise for me and it was in Salt Lake. I knew that my mom had been planning a surprise cuz she kept talking to Sterling all secretively and stuff. I was really really really hoping it had something to do with monkeys--I figured if they were having a surprise for me it had to since I like them so much.

So Sterling and I drove on up to my house and met my mom. Then when we got off the exit I knew we were going to the zoo and I got super excited and really happy :)

We got to the zoo and the zookeeper lady led us to the monkey cage. We got to meet two spider monkeys, Lemon and Kira. I loved them. They were so cute and so nice and they really loved me and they were so smart and happy and fun and cute :) :) :) :) I didn't get to hold them :( But I don't think the zookeepers even hold them ever. We put peanut butter and honey inside some paper towel tubes and handed them to the monkeys through the fence. Then the monkeys had to figure out how to rip open the tubes to get their yummy treat inside :) It makes them smarter and keeps them from getting bored. The zookeeper lady made them do "tricks" like touch her hand, climb the fence, bend over, etc. They make them do it every day so they can inspect their bodies and make sure the monkeys don't have any cuts or sores or anything. Oh yeah, we had to wear the masks and gloves so we didn't get the monkeys sick and they didn't get us sick.
Lemon and Kira
Getting the tube out of the fence links
So happy :)

It was the coolest funnest thing :) After we helped with the spider monkeys we walked around to the rest of the primate exhibits. I kinda wanted to walk around the rest of the zoo but I was feeling sick and tired-probably because I was still dehydrated from the day before when I had to get an IV at the hospital. So my mom got me a million dollar slurpee and I drank it and felt a little better but then we went home. It was really fun :) And way better than another hospital visit! Hopefully I won't have to see that place again until July 5th!
Almost as huge as a gorilla!
Gorilla sleeping! He was scary and huge but really cute and close to us :)
Yummy slurpee trying to hydrate.
I have been doing pretty good at home :) I am not bored yet, I have been reading most the day. I went to the dentist to get a cleaning yesterday. And my bestest friend visited me today. Tomorrow I hope to maybe go to Seven Peaks! And maybe a rodeo too :) I took off the steri-strips on my cut and its looking pretty good! The scar will be pretty skinny. And my belly button is almost the same as it used to be....they kinda squished it when they were sewing me up so its a little skinnier than it was. But then when they cut me open again for my next surgery it will probably make my scar huger :( How lame. Otherwise, I am doing great! Eating normal again and getting around fine. I feel really good, just kinda tired and lethargic....I'm basically just a lazy couch potato! :)


  1. You are awesome. Can't wait to see you. You have a great mom and husband to arrange such a special treat. Glad you are feeling a bit better. Love you, Auntie Karen

  2. Yay for feeding the monkeys!!! How cool is that?! It was so good to visit with you guys last week, happy to hear you're feeling better :)


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