Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Hospital

I haven't written an update in a few days because there isn't much to say! Today is my 7th day in the hospital and I am sooooo ready to go home. However, I can't go home until my bowels start working (meaning I have to poop or fart) and my bowels must be under Sleeping Beauty's curse cuz they sure are taking their time!!

Sunday was a pretty rough day for me. I woke up feeling okay and around 10am some of my high school teammates brought me the sacrament. They volunteer at the hospital and it was cool to see someone I know. The rest of the day kinda sucked. I was super nauseous and I ended up throwing up all night. They eventually put an NG tube in be which is THE WORST thing in THE WHOLE WORLD.  It goes in your nose and down your throat and they use it to suck up all the junk inside you.
I was so so sad
I had a CT scan to see what was up with my bowels and there was just a small ileus which means part of my colon was squished and not working. The only thing to fix it is time. I got the NG tube out on Monday around 1pm and let me tell you, I was one happy camper. However, since then I have been slightly if not extremely nauseous. Last night I threw up again and one more time this morning so guess what?! I got the NG tube back!!! I could kill someone. It hurts to swallow, it makes me gag and I can't speak with it because it hurts too much. So I have resorted to caveman sign language to communicate with people. Luckily Sterling is an incredible mind reader and pretty much knows everything I am trying to say.
Still so sad.
On Tuesday I was feeling good enough to get out and walk though!! If you do 12 laps around the hospital hallways it is equivalent to one mile. My goal was to be in the miler club before I left this joint and I hunkered down and cracked those babies out. All 12 done! I was quite exhausted after.
Happy walker head
My One Mile Certificate
Another good thing, I was able to pee all by myself today! That means I am a grown up and don't need a catheter anymore. Yay me!!

Lots of people are asking when I am coming home. I thought I'd be home Monday but my body must really like the hospital so its trying to make me stay here longer. Today is Wednesday now and I probably won't get to go home until Friday, unless my sleepy organs wake up. All I really want right now is to get this blasted NG tube out of my stinkin' throat. The doctor said it has to stay in until tomorrow and maybe even longer :( :( :(

When I feel up to it, I can go outside and sit on the large patio and enjoy the fresh air. It is quite nice to feel the sunshine and warm breeze!

Oh, I can't believe I almost forgot to add it. I have the sweetest little cousins in the universe!! My aunt's 11-year old and 8-year old sons decided on Saturday that they wanted to do a fundraiser for me! So they asked their mom to help them get the stuff. They made lemonade and sold candy and suckers. They had a cute little stand and they waved people down as they drove by. They even went knocking door to door telling people my story. And it was all their own idea!! It was just about the nicest thing ever and even made me tear up a bit. Thank you so much you guys! They ended up raising about $100 for me!!

I am doing okay though. Just hanging out. I'm sorry to those of you that have wanted to come visit and I have turned away. I appreciate all your love and support, I really do, its just that when I am feeling so crappy the last thing I want to do is see people. Thank you so much though everybody for showing me so much love. I know that I am incredibly blessed.


  1. I'm sorry about the NG tube. I've never had one but I've heard they suck :( I hope you get it out soon! And is anyone really surprised that you made it into the miler club? :)

  2. kalina, I just want you to know how much I love you and have been thinking and praying for you. When I found out what was wrong, I was so angry inside and just kept thinking for all the complaining I do I should've been the one with cancer. NOT YOU!!!! sweet little angel! But you are strong and will make it through this I know you will, and just like the Lord told Joseph Smith, your trials will only seem but a moment in time. and I know you don't want to hear that, but just like your races, the gun goes off you run your hardest, suffer, sweat, are in pain, but you cross that FINISH LINE and you will, will all your family and friends right behind you! with open arms. you are amazing and don't you ever forget that. I love you girl!

    1. I really love this comment. Thank you Kimmy :)

  3. I think she said what I meant to say so much better than I said it on Facebook...
    WE MISS YOU!!!
    Love Rachel and Tom-cat

  4. We haven't spoken since the ol Rain Tree days. I can't believe what I'm reading here. Fortunately, if anyone can kick cancer's butt, it would be you. How can I help? Can I donate to your cousin's fundraiser? Do you need some books to read?

    Ben Tengelsen

    1. Ben wow that is so incredibly nice of you!! Thanks! Um I think we are having a bake/yard sale on June 23rd from 9am-dusk. You could come to that if you really wanted to help! Its on 100 W and 350 S Orem

  5. Kalina, you are AWESOME! We miss you guys! Sending our love and prayers your way!

    The Dunn's

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