Saturday, June 16, 2012

I'm Home!

I finally got to come home yesterday afternoon!!!!! It was the best day of my life. I feel so free!! No hospital gown, no IV, no tubes, no nurses waking me up every 2 is so great!! I slept for 7 whole straight hours, record breaking! I am feeling really good today, I haven't been nauseous at all today. I have even been eating a lot! I had like 10 tortilla chips, 5 rice puffs, 1/4 of an oatmeal cookie, a See's chocolate, half a slice of caramel apple and lots of juice. All just today! I know right?

I think on Thursday we got the final pathology report back. What they had previously believed to be germ cell ovarian cancer actually is epithelial ovarian cancer, the more common kind. Prognosis is basically the same for both, but the treatment is much different. Whereas I previously thought I would be staying in the hospital for 3 days at a time getting chemo, I actually will just be doing outpatient chemotherapy!! So just one day, a few hours, every 3 weeks. I was so glad to hear that! I am sick of staying at the hospital. I will still lose my hair and I am not sure of the other side effects.

I have an appointment on Monday at 11 to speak with my gynecological oncologist about some stuff and then another appointment on Tuesday morning with the chemotherapy doctor where I will find out exactly when I start treatment, how long it will take, side effects, etc.

That's all for now, its so good to be home!! I will be back in Orem to my real home probably next Tuesday or so. For now I'm hanging with the family so they can help take care of me :)

Leaving the hospital!


  1. I'm CRYING I'm SO HAPPY!!!Such GOOD news about the treatment and about being home with your parents, and then coming back to Orem. We have really missed you and we have a great surprise for you!!
    Rachel and Tom-cat

  2. That is awesome that you are keeping such a positive attitude! My husband went through diagnosis, surgeries and chemo & radiation 3 times in his life. I think LOVE, a positive attitude & a sense of humor is the best way to survive all that is ahead. Luckily you have some amazing family in your life! Stay Tough!


  3. Kalina - you amaze me and I am glad the chemo will not be so time consuming You are still in my prayers! Margaret xo

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    1. I want to say the perfect thing to bring you comfort at this trying time. Know that I love you and so do many other people. We all hope the best for you. I absolutely love your big smile in the picture! Keep it up! I pray for you and your family and for your doctors to be guided in giving you the most competent care possible.

      Love, Janice


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