Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healthy and Happy....For now

Today marks exactly 3 weeks since my surgery! I am feeling all healed up and healthy! I think I would say that I feel 100% myself and better now :) I started working out again yesterday, just elliptical, I can't start running till Monday (only 3 1/2 days away!!!) The first time working out was pretty horrible, it was so hard!! I was sucking wind after like 2 minutes. But today felt much better and not nearly as hard. I was able to go for 31 minutes with only one short break! I can't wait to start running Monday.
Hard to get a good picture without being too immodest, but here's my scar all healed up!
I look forward to having a whole entire week next week where I am feeling great and normal. I hope I get a lot of running in and lots of pool time too! I am also currently in school :( Yes I am graduated, but I still have some pre-reqs that need finishing so I can apply to physical therapy school in the fall. I just have a chemistry lab 2 days a week, so its not too bad.

This is a super short post, I just wanted to post an update on how I am feeling :) I know that I probably won't be feeling this great once I start chemo so I have to brag about it while I can!! I also have been practicing my bald look and I'd say I'm going to be pretty awesome. Not sure how I feel about losing my eyebrows though....

Gotta go do the dishes now that I can't blame my laziness on being oh so tired :)

Also here's an awesome happy video to make your day a little better!

What's your favorite part of the video? I can't decide, they all make me laugh!


  1. My favorite part is when they do to the all you can eat buffet and the cello comes out a bass :)

    1. Yeah that's one of my favorites too. I didn't notice that the first time I watched it!

  2. Love you! And this cellist is great. I love his stuff with Jon Schmidt. Utah musicians, unite!
    Also, I'm glad you're feeling good. :)

  3. Hey I got you a little present at the arts festival so you will be even more beautiful when you lose your hair. I promise it's not a do rag or whatever they are called!!!

    Aunt Shelly

  4. Loved it all - especially the pretty music. You are so cute Kalina, you make me smile! xo


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