Sunday, September 9, 2012

Busy Girl

Sorry I haven't updated the blog all week! I have been so busy it feels like. Wednesday I got to hang out with Cesia again. She's such a good friend, time always flies when we hang out! Thanks for being so willing to drive all the way down to Orem to hang out with me and for always buying me things and being so giving Cesia!

Thursday was an awesome day. A good friend from high school works at Lululemon-cutest running/yoga clothing store EVER. She called me last week and said that they wanted to do something nice for me. So on Thursday I got to go in and choose any short or tank top. They have so many different styles and their clothes are all so freakin cute! I tried on like 10 different outfits and finally decided on some super cute gray/yellow shorts. I love them. they are so comfy and light. As soon as I'm rich, I am decking out in Lululemon gear. And so should you. If you are rich or if you aren't rich but want to be the cutest one at the gym.
modeling my cute Lululemon shorts
Then after Lululemon I went to the Huntsman Center for a free make-up class called Look Good...Feel Better. The Huntsman has such cool resources and so many free classes for cancer patients. I got TONS of really nice free make-up and I learned how to use it all. I was most excited to learn how to draw eyebrows; mine are getting quite patchy and look pretty funny. One of the lamer side effects of losing your hair :( I also learned some cute new ways to tie a scarf and they gave me a free wig! It will be nice to have if I need to go to a job interview or anything, but mostly I feel like a traitor wearing a wig. I mean who am I kidding? I don't have hair, it doesn't look like my hair, why would I pretend to have/be something I'm not?

Another great thing about Thursday night was this:

This rainbow was one of the brightest and fullest rainbows I have ever seen!! I am so grateful for a loving Heavenly Father who sends us such beautiful reminders of his love for us. It really comforted me and gave me peace.

Friday night Sterling and I went on one of the funnest dates ever! We were heading home after a friend's reception and I had the most brilliant idea ever! Walmart Scavenger Hunt! We made a list of 20 things and had to meet back up in 30 minutes. I obviously won so Sterling had to buy me a hot fudge sundae at McDonald's :) It was a super fun night.
My winning ticket
fat lady with a wedgie was one of the items to find haha
Saturday morning I ran in a 5k for Ovarian Cancer. Its called the Susan Sandoval in memory of a nurse that worked at the Huntsman center that passed away from ovarian cancer like 8 years ago or something. It was fun because I finally got to run with my dad and make up for the half marathon that I didn't get to run with him. Me, Sterling, and my mom and dad all ran it together. I only walked one time which is so good for me now! However it is so annoying to keep getting slower and slower at running :( That has been one of the hardest things for me.

After the 5k my mom, Caden, Sterling and I all went to the Utah State Fair! I have never been to the fair so it was really fun. We watched an Olympic Dive show and walked around all the shops and looked at the cool artwork and stuff. We got to see all the prize dairy cows, beef cows, sheep and goats. It was really fun!
we thought this pumpkin was huge....
...and then I saw this one
Anyway, that is my busy week in short summary! Can't wait for the Fallen in Chocolate 5k. So many people have spent countless hours putting it together and it is coming along pretty nice. We are just looking for a few more sponsors and we'll be set to go. Its going to be tons of fun, so make sure to tell everyone you know!

Tomorrow after chemo I will be halfway done with my treatments!!!!! Thursday I will have a PET scan so I should know those results sometime next week.

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  1. Sounds like a pretty fun week to me! I can't wait for the 5K, I bet you are still faster than me :)


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