Sunday, September 23, 2012

Life's Greatest Lessons Aren't Learned in a Book (and other updates)

Friday, September 21st, I had the opportunity to speak at Bingham high school to a group of English students. It was a really awesome experience. I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to speak to so many people about what I'm going through and how I've been able to deal with things. I also got to speak at Pleasant Grove High School on December 5th

If you want to read the speech I gave, here is a link to it
I wrote down my speech exactly like I would say it if I really were speaking so just read it as such and not like an essay or something.

I created this slideshow that I shared at the end. I think the video means more after you read/hear the speech:

The other update I know many people are dying to find out is how my doctor's appointments went on Friday. They went good. I met with the liver specialist first and after waiting for at least 5 years in the very comfortable exam room *insert dripping sarcasm* she finally came in to talk to us. She was pretty nice and cool. She basically just explained what she would be doing in surgery which is removing two or three (?) spots from my liver. They are both close enough to the surface that they will be easy to wedge out. She gets to pick up my liver and turn it around and cut spots out of it with a cauterizing tool. How cool is that? I asked her to take pictures. It seems so unfair that all these people get to sit around looking at my insides and touching all my organs and all I get from it is a huge scar and 2 weeks in the hospital. Selfish doctors. Oh and they are going to cut me all the way to my sternum. Yucky.

Then I met with my gynecological oncologist (female organ cancer surgeon). He was really nice and took a long time with us. We decided on surgery on Tuesday, October 9th (ninth). All I can say is if I have to get another NG tube, they are going to have to put me under anesthesia to do it.

And I have an awesomely funny idea of what I'm gonna do on surgery day :) But I'm not telling it yet.

Anyway, the rest of the weekend was great. Went to Sterling's cousin's wedding all day Saturday, it was gorgeous. I have a bit of a cold which totally sucks :/ But otherwise, I am doing great. I hope the smog clears out so I can run outside again!


  1. Awesome speech and beautiful slide show. You truly are amazing. Thanks for sharing and reminding us of what is important. Love you :O)
    Kelly Bowyer

  2. Thanks Kalina for your rockin' example! I was having a tough Monday and your words lifted me up. Love your blog!

  3. Love your outlook on life, very wise advice! You truly are inspiring :)

  4. OK, I am hanging on the edge wondering what you are up to on surgery day. I am putting my money on a prank on the OR staff. Are you painting something on your belly (Haz-mat logo, No Trespassing sign, Concertina wire???? C'mon drop a hint!!! I don't know if I can take the suspense.

    Love you girl, it was great watching you cross the finish line at the 5K. Thanks for the...

    Old bear

    1. That feeble attempt at an emoticon was supposed to be "sunshine".

      Old bear


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