Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PET Scan Results and more

Hi! I realize it has been quite a while since my last update! Sorry about that. I had a lot going on last week. I guess I will start with the important stuff that people care about like my PET scan.

On Thursday I went in for a routine PET scan (they always do one after 3 rounds of chemo just to check and see if things are working and how everything is looking). PET scans are weird and they did it in combo with a CT scan so I got the weird stuff that makes your body all hot and weird inside. It was boring. They made me wait for about 75 minutes after I drank the CT contrast stuff and they wouldn't let me read or do anything because then the contrast would go to those parts of my body that were working and not to the parts that they needed to go. Lame-o.

Today I had my normal appointment with my doctor (every 3rd week I see her). We went over the results of the PET scan. Basically things are the same. Which isn't bad news, but it's not good news either. Usually they hope that the chemotherapy will shrink any tumors or spots they see in you. Mine stayed the same. They didn't grow which is really good. But the fact that things didn't go away is kind of weird. The two spots on my liver they still aren't really certain what they are. They show up on the PET scan, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are cancerous. There are also some other spots they are curious about. One of the spots is close to some bones so right now I am sitting in the waiting room to get an MRI. They are an HOUR AND A HALF BEHIND. Holy moley. Borrrrriiiinnnggg. On Friday afternoon I will meet with a liver surgeon and my gynecological surgeon to make a plan of action. Right now it is looking like I will be getting surgery in the next two or three weeks :( Yuck. I mean, I have known I was going to have another surgery but its like....really soon. I told them I was busy on the 29th however so they had to wait until after. I'm not going to miss my own party!! Seriously, how lame would that be.
Man these hospital clothes are sexy!
**UPDATE: I was typing this last night, but didn't quite finish it so now it is Tuesday morning and I have a bit more news. My doctor called me this morning to let me know that the preliminary reading on the MRI is negative! They found nothing :) Yay!! This could possibly change in the final report, but its pretty unlikely**

So that is the news I have yesterday and all I know as of right now! I didn't get chemo treatment yesterday either because if they are going to do surgery soon I need to be as healthy as possible and chemo makes all my blood counts and stuff be not healthy.

Now for the fun stuff :) I'll start with yesterday and work backwards. Yesterday I went to the Humane Society to look at PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love puppies and guess what? I'm gonna get one :) :) :) :) :) :) I am the happiest person in the world. I have to wait until after surgery now though cuz no one wants to take care of him while I am in the hospital :( But I can't wait! There were some pretty cute dogs at the Humane Society, but no young puppies. And it was so sad to go there, the dogs were so sad. They were crying or barking really loud and they all wanted me to play with them! I took the saddest one out of his cage to play with me :) He was a chihuahua mix and soooooo cute. He loved me. But he shed a ton. He really didn't want to go back in his cage and he dragged his feet and rolled on his back and was so sad :( Poor little buddy.
Friday I got to watch my former teammates race at Cascade Golf Course! It was fun and they have such a good team this year. I loved getting to see all my friends again. I miss being on the team for the social part of it, but not having to worry about the stress it brings is kind of nice. And in my situation right now where I am so slow and tired anyway it hasn't been as hard to not be running. If I was healthy and training and running well on my own I think I would miss it more.

After the race Sterling and I took the scooter up Provo Canyon to Bridal Veil falls. The coolest thing ever is there: you can feed the fish!! They stocked the small pond at the bottom of the falls with fishies and set up a gumball machine type thing with fish food. 25 cents is all it takes to have the funnest date night ever! Cool huh.
And then...... this is the best part......I got ice cream from the ice cream man!!!!!!!!!!! I have NEVER ever done that in my whole life. My mom always said you could buy a whole gallon of ice cream for what they charge. She was right. But hey, its the experience right? Sterling and I got a lime popsicle to share.

Thursday I woke up to leave for my PET scan and walked out to find this!:

My awesome neighbor Rachel heart attacked me :) She is so sweet and nice to us. She wrote me the nicest letter and all the hearts have nice things written on them. It really made my day and made me feel loved. I am so lucky to have such great friends and neighbors.

Last night when I got home late from the MRI I had another present!!!!! I seriously have the best friends ever :) Brooke put together a date night chocolate Halloween basket for me and Sterling :) I am so lucky to have such amazing friends!!! Yay!
That about sums up the things that have been happening as of late! Check back soon for MRI results, updates, fun things, etc.

And don't forget to sign up for the Fallen in Chocolate 5k! It's gonna be the funnest 5k you've ever done with the cutest race shirt you'll ever get. And it might be the only chance you ever get to run by or ahead of me ;) hahaha.


  1. Your last comment is definitely the truth. I'll probably still be behind you now though! I've ruined my only chances of staying up with you! Dang it.

  2. But seriously, this will be the first race since I was like, 14 that I have a chance at finishing before you. haha You're a rockstar! Can't wait to see you on the 29th!

  3. Ok...how many times do I have to try to comment on this post!? lol, couldn't remember my stupid google password!

    Anyway, Love your posts, love your positivity, LOVE the example you're being to this old lady! I have a donation from one of my co workers that can't run that day. I'll take it to your parents house.

    Love you girl!

  4. We are signed up! Yeah! I will run beside you and remind you to "just breathe". Although these days you might be telling me to breathe. I ran a workout with the kids this week. A bunch of 400's. As I was struggling to keep my legs moving and to breathe the last 100 meters, two girls passed me just chit chatting away!! Dang getting old! It will be great to see you. Hugs! -Struna


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