Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Kalina Fillet

Well, I am still just healing. There isn't really much to say or write about, but I know lots of people are wondering how I am doing. I have really been doing pretty great. I get up and down the stairs great (good thing, since I live in the basement) even though I am pretty winded by the time I get to the top. I haven't taken any pain killers for 3 days now! So that is pretty awesome. I am REALLY sick of my online classes. My math class has been so much work and it is suddenly a ton more work. We have two huge projects along with assignments due every other day. It is crazy and making me feel a little overwhelmed.
A lot of people think that I say I am doing much better than I really am. I don't know why people think this. I really am doing well. Seriously. I am tired and don't have a ton of energy, but I am plenty fine to run to the grocery store or go out to lunch. I am not in any pain, nor have I pain for a while. My stomach is still pretty sore and it is tender to stretch it out.

Also, my hair is coming back! And my eyebrows are coming in with a vengeance! Like seriously I have Chewbacca eyebrows, its crazy. I really enjoyed not having to shave. In fact, I forgot that shaving was a thing to do until I looked at my pits one day and found a forest! Yuck. Haha. So I've had to start shaving my pits and sort of my legs. Its pretty lame :) My new head hair is sooooo soft and fuzzy and fun to play with! It's so sad its going to come back just in time for me to lose it again. Oh well! I have a doctor's appointment on Friday morning with my chemo doctor. So I should find out then exactly when I am starting chemo back up and if it will be the same regimen as before (although I am pretty sure its going to be. That's what she said when I was in the hospital).

So, I don't have much else to say, but I will write more when we get our PUPPY!!!!!!! :) I am so so so excited and I can't even wait. Saturday is only 3 1/2 days away!


  1. YEA! I was so excited to get an update. Glad to know that you aren't in too much pain! You are a FIGHTER!

    Always thinking of you!


  2. That picture of you with the red hat is so cute! This is Ally Deeter by the way


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