Friday, October 12, 2012

Staples are the New Zipper

HI. Today is my 4th day being in the hospital. It's hard to write posts in the hospital so sorry I haven't updated since surgery! Also I apologize now for spelling and grammatical brain is all fuzzy :)

The surgery on Tuesday went great! It was only about 3 hours long which was a little shorter than expected. The removed my uterus, ovary, all surrounding lining, 2 spots on my liver and a section of my diaphragm. The doctors feel very confident that they removed all visible evidence of cancer and that chemotherapy will take care if there is any remaining. And they remembered to take pictures!!! I have a picture of my liver, of them holding me open, and of my uterus and ovary in a bucket. It's pretty cool but I didn't think everyone would want to see them so I didn't put them on my blog. The doctors got quite a laugh out of my zipper tattoo, they really liked it.
Headed to the hospital

The chemo doctor hasn't quite decided what our future course of treatment may be. They will probably change one of the drugs I'm on to something else, and I will probably have 12 more weeks to finish instead of 9, but that could all very likely change. She also said that they can start chemo as soon as 2 weeks after surgery! But they will wait 3-4 for me

I have been kind of mobile. In the mornings I am pretty awake and alert and able to get out of bed or at least be awake and visit. But the past couple days by 2 I am completely wiped out and pretty much sleep the rest of the day!! So sorry to any visitors that have come and I was just sleeping the whole time. A lot of people have been asking my parents if they can come visit. Please just direct all questions to me or Sterling. We are fine to answer questions. I have been fine having visitors, but like I said I have slept through most of them.
me sleeping. All these pictures kind of look the same....sorry
Yesterday my beautiful cousin Shaeley came and we did a Halloween craft!!!! It was so much fun! I had such a good time, it was such a fun thing to do and easier than just trying to have conversation the whole time.
She spray painted mason jars and then we painted cool Halloween things on them.

Today I finally showered!! Well got washed with a washcloth...but it felt so good to get washed and put a clean gown on. I luckily haven'r been sick/nauseous at all yet which is awesome. And this morning my stomach was making gurgling noises which means it wants to start working! I have been able to eat popsicles and smoothies. I think I am doing much better than last time but I think I am in more pain. They cut me good! For those of you who haven't seen this picture on Facebook, here is a picture of my new scar. It stapled shut with 43 staples! Yikes, I can only imagine getting them taken out!
Hope I keep feelin' good and that I can go home soon! I CANT WAIT TO GET MY PUPPY!!!!!!


  1. You're amazing Kalina. Keep up the great attitude and the great fight. You're constantly in our thoughts and prayers. Love you much,
    Kelly Bowyer :O)

  2. are nothing short of amazing. I LOVE your sense of humor...the zipper and dotted-line tats are hysterical. I'm sure your Doc's adore you! Please know that Mark and I are praying for your speedy recovery every single day. God Bless You and your Family!!

  3. I have had about 40 staples from a c section. It didn't hurt too bad to have them removed, I think the laying down totally flat part hurt worse. But like I said of doesn't hurt that much. It may be different for you, my skin was super stretched out. Good luck, I hope you recover quickly. I love to read your blog, even though I don't know you. you are always so positive and uplifting. Thank you for sharing your story.

  4. Hi Kalina, Isabell and I, are thinking about you, and praying that you have a speedy recovery, we cannot wait to see you, running with your new puppy. It is always uplifting, to our spirits, to read your blog. You have a natural talent for writing and helping everyone be happy and find joy in living. You continue to teach and inspire us all. We love you very much.

  5. You are special! Thank you for sharing with us as it makes not being able to visit with you much more bearable. So glad there was no NGT this time. I do see miracles happening in your behalf. Love to you and Sterling. Hope you are home very soon! Love, Aunt Karen

  6. Kalina, you are so beautiful and strong! Not to mention inspiring. Glad I found your blog. NOT glad about the circumstances (at ALL) but it's good to see details about how you're doing and good to see what a wonderful person you are. I love the line in one of your earlier posts that "it almost seems ridiculous to be sad." I never would have thought of that in such a trying situation but I see what you mean. Thank you for putting it so perfectly. Love to you and your family. Eliza Selander

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