Monday, October 8, 2012

Zipped Up and Ready to Go

Well, today was my last day before surgery! I have to be to the Huntsman at SIX IN THE MORNING. Holy cow, who do these doctors think they are? At least I won't have to wait around all morning for it. Surgery is at 7:30.

I went for my last run for a couple months this morning. It was a balmy 30 degrees! It was really nice to get out one last time for a while. Sterling has been so awesome and has been running with me every day for a week or two.
Me and my best friend Try
I also got to go to lunch with my family. We ate at Corner Bakery. Then I had to finish up a ton of homework since I am still in online classes. I got it all finished though! Phew, such a relief.

Then I got to have FHE with one of my bestest friends Brooke. Her and her husband came to see our new house. It was fun to catch up.

So.....this is what the doctors are going to lift up my hospital gown and find:
The zipper will go over my current scar, and the dotted lines will go up to my sternum. The two notes say "Don't forget to take pictures!" and "Please don't let me have a colostomy bag!"  
hahaha, I wonder if they will think I am funny or if they will be annoyed because they have to clean it off. I will take a picture of my actually stomach tomorrow, but I didn't want the marker to smear in my sleep. In case you don't know, they are going to be doing a full hysterectomy, removing 2-3 spots on my liver and possibly a spot near my colon. The surgery is scheduled for 7:30am and will last anywhere from 4-6 hours. Well, they told me 4 but I'm sure it will be longer than that.

I am definitely dreading it A LOT more than last time since I know more what to expect this time. It is a lot harder going in knowing how miserable it is! But I also know better what to bring and I am more determined to get out of there fast! I have made it a goal to walk a mile every day, even if it takes me all day to do it. A mile is 12 laps around the hallway so I could go 2 laps every 6 hours.

Wish me luck! Think about me! They are cutting me open all the way to my sternum!!! Yucky :( :(


  1. Good Luck cute girl! You'll definitely be in our prayers!

  2. Hi Kalina. I'm in your parents stake (7th ward) and recognize you from girls camp several years ago. My sister Jennifer Anderson has been emailing you and you're both having surgery tomorrow with Dr. Soisson. Just wanted you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers, and our family will be including you in our fast tomorrow. I'm so touched by your amazing attitude, and the way you are handling this trial with faith and hope. I battled (and beat!) breast cancer when I was 21. Cancer stinks but you are being tested and refined through this experience. The light you radiate is contagious and powerful and is having an influence on so many. May the Lord's choicest blessings be with you tomorrow, and as you continue to fight this battle. Know that there are people you don't know who are cheering for you and praying for you. Best of luck and lots of love,
    Nicole Bruderer

  3. Good luck Kalina, we are all praying for you. Stay strong and keep your positive attitude:)

  4. Kalina, you are awesome! Our prayers are with you. Your courage is awe-inspiring. We are all cheering for you. Thank you for sharing your sense of humor and fighter attitude in not letting this get you down. You're my hero!

  5. I'm still cheering and praying for you!
    -Brittany Rawlins-

  6. We love you, Kalina! I really like what Nicole Bruderer said. I know it's true that many people you don't know are praying for you. Isn't that weird and wonderful to know? That people care for you just because you are you, or because you have a cancer that they are familiar with because of someone in their family having it, or because they read your blog once or twice and have seen your indomitable spirit. It is pretty neat to know you are loved, cared for, prayed for and being cheered on. You're worth it! Hope the recovery goes quickly.
    Much much love,
    Rachel and Thomas

  7. Gooooood Luck girl!! Praying for you and your team to make this a successful surgery!!!

  8. Hi Kalina, this is your dads aunt Rosalie
    I really enjoy your blog. You are very Awesome and a wonderful young woman. I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. Good luck today.

  9. ATTENTION everyone that loves Kalina, I am Kalina's Grandfather, I love her very much, and want her in my life for a very long time, I want her to play at my funeral, I intend to live a long life. PLEASE PLEASE, send Kalina your love and get well wishes, over the computer, give her your digital love for now. Kalina has a compromised immune system because of her treatments, your thoughtful,loving visit,could bring her a virus that could kill her. Let Kalina heal and become strong before you try to visit with her. Thank you with love


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