Thursday, October 4, 2012

Race T-shirts and Lost & Found

Everybody! So sorry to the same day registrants that didn't get t-shirts. All the seasoned race people told us only to order like 10 extra so that's all we did :) But we did finally get all the shirts ordered for the people that registered same day!

My mom has them and they will be available for pick-up at 2104 E. Fort Union Blvd. from 8:30 am to noon on Friday Oct. 5. PLEASE pick them up, they are super cute and we don't want to be stuck with them, especially because you already paid for it.

UTAH COUNTY: For those of you in Utah County, you can pick them up after Friday night at my new house in Cedar Hills and I will also come to Utah Valley University sometime....

We really want everybody to have their shirts, they are super cute and we ordered shirts for everybody that paid.

If for some reason none of these pick-up times work for you, message me and we will see if we can work something out.

Also, we found a pair of women's sunglasses. If they are yours, message me so I can get them back to you!

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