Tuesday, December 4, 2012

America's Next Top Model

Yesterday was my 14th treatment! (Technically my 13th because before my second surgery we skipped one time when my white blood cells were too low and we never made it up). But man, that means 4 left! Only one month's worth! How crazy is that? In only six short, sometimes long, months I will have gone from normal person, to cancer patient, to cancer survivor! I conveniently forget that I will still have a year's worth of treatments every three weeks when I'm done but....that's not important.

Treatment went well, just the same old. I sit down, they draw blood for labs. I wait around for an hour. Labs finally come back. They give me a Benadryl induced coma, I feel sick and gross, sleep for a while, wake up, feel a little less gross, wait around forever and finally finish. Then I go to lunch or something fun with my mom and aunts and granny. Its quite the routine. Chemo yesterday was a little cooler though. When I was almost just finishing up, a bunch of Miche representatives came around and handed out purses. I got my pick of 3 or 4 different ones. Its super cute and has lots of pockets and is huge. It was so awesome and really made my day. I hope the rest of my December treatments are super awesome. People suddenly decide they want to serve others this time of year. I don't mind it :)

I know your next question is "Have I ever thought about becoming a purse model?" And why yes, after this photo shoot I really think I have a future in it!

So....is it too early to plan my chemo graduation party? Maybe it is because there is still the possibility my white blood cells will be too low again and I'll have to postpone treatment. But I am planning it anyway! New Year's Eve is actually the perfect day to end chemo on. If it was still on Christmas Eve it would be cool, but everyone would be thinking about Santa and presents and all that and not be thinking about the newest graduate in the family :) ha. But New Year's Eve it is, if things go as planned. I will be bringing in the New Year as a cancer survivor, a chemo grad. Pretty cool. I am planning on ordering a gluten free cake from Eleanor's Bake Shop and hopefully they will decorate it like Tangled. If that is too expensive maybe I'll make my own cake and find someone I know to decorate it cute. I will also make/buy a "Chemo Grad" shirt to wear in remembrance. We will play games of some sort. And have lots of fun. Okay, so that is all I have planned, really nothing besides cake. Any ideas?? :)

On Sunday Sterling and I thought it would be fun to see if Koda could swim. So we filled up the bathtub and plopped him in. He loved it! Not. at. all. Haha, poor little guy looked so scared and sad. But he could swim and he did a good job. Mostly he just stood with his paws on the side of the tub wishing he could get out. He's not really very cute when he's all soaking wet! He looks like a rat. Or part chihuahua.
After he was pooped. He fell asleep in my arms :)

Today I got to see one of my best friends Cesia on her birthday! She chose to spend her birthday morning with me at the temple. What a nice buddy. It was really fun, such a great way to spend my morning. And after that I went over to a lady in my ward's house and we played our violins/viola together! That was super fun, I have started playing more again recently and I am so glad. I always forget how much I like to play until I start doing it a lot. The blisters on my fingers have finally worn into calluses again too which is great.

Monkey got her Christmas dress on. I think I'm going to make her a Christmas elf costume like her pilgrim costume. Until I get around to making it, she'll get to wear this dress.


  1. Incredible... you are incredible KALINA! that is hilarious about Koda too haha

  2. I definitely think you should be considered as a Purse model for Miche! I love that purse and you look adorable! Your puppy is growing up! he's too cute!!

  3. Enjoy your purse! Good Luck and i will be praying for you!

  4. By the way I also think you make a wonderful purse model!

  5. Hello Kalina

    Yes, you would be a beautiful purse model. I LOVE your outlook on life! Keep up the positive attitude, and enjoy your new Miche purse. You wear it beautifully! Have a Blessed Safe, Healthy & Happy New Year!

  6. What a pleasure to read your blog. Thank you for sharing your story...your life. You made my heart smile.

  7. You make a great purse model! Enjoy your Miche bag, they are great! I love your positive & uplifting personality! I enjoyed reading your blog too. I'll be praying for a speedy recovery for you. Take care. :)

  8. Awesome... Love the bag ;)

  9. That is one of my favorite bags! Enjoy it and live each day! I see that you are. Blessings, Tina


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