Sunday, December 16, 2012


This has been a really looooooooooooong week. I don't know why. I've done fun things. I haven't really been sick. But it has gone by SO slowly. Tuesday and Wednesday I had my math and chemistry finals. Finally! Although I have been graduated for a year now, next semester will be the first one in my life that I haven't been in school. Yay!!! Holy smokes it feels so good. I can get a job and have a semi-normal life. Minus all my check-ups and treatment every three weeks for a year.

Wednesday after my final I got to spend time with my high school chums Morgan and Cesia. We made ugly Christmas sweaters!! Way fun and they turned out so cute :)

Thursday I went skiing at Snowbird! It was pretty fun, but I went by myself and the snow wasn't all that great. But Friday I went skiing with my family at Brighton and it was super awesome!!! The snow was actually quite good and it was really fun spending time with my brother Josh and my parents. And Sterling of course. But I always spend time with him. I was surprised at how well I was able to do. We took breaks of course, but I mostly did really well. Even though the next day I could hardly walk up the stairs without breathing hard....haha.

Yesterday I got to finally sleep in. And I woke up to 5 inches of snow! I am so happy!! I love snow in December, it is so beautiful. My other best friend Brooke came over and we made gluten free brownies and Christmas cards :) I forgot to get pictures though :( Bummer. But it was really fun. She is still in school and running for UVU so I don't get to see her very often. Then we went to our old stomping grounds and hung out with our old neighbors! I really miss them. We had such great neighbors and a great ward. I especially miss this little munchkin.
Isn't it great how much hair I have?! I haven't lost hardly any head hair this time!! My eyebrows are almost gone and my arm hair is gone, but the important head hair is sticking around :)

Isn't he cute? Last night was our new ward Christmas party. It was fun, they have a lot of talented people in the ward! I got to play a violin duet with another lady, I loved it.

Speaking of playing violin, I decided when we ever move north of point of the mountain I really want to be in the orchestra at Temple Square! I think that would be such a fun experience. I need to find out when tryouts are for violas.

Tomorrow begins my last round of chemo! (Remember a round is three treatments). I really hope my white blood cell count is high enough! I've been trying to drink lots of carrot juice and not eat too much sugar. I really want to have my party on New Year's Eve. Keep praying for me and crossing your fingers! 


  1. You'd be fabulous in the orchestra!! Maybe then I could get Christmas concert tickets.

    1. Now that is a great way to get tickets!! Haha you're funny mom

  2. oh my goodness your "ugly" sweater is adorable! i kind of want one just like it ha. we're prayin' for that party :)

    1. haha Thanks Dani!! I have lots of leftover felt and decorations if you want to use them :)


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