Friday, December 28, 2012


Christmas is the best holiday ever! I love it. I love to be with family and give people presents and make people happy. We were so incredibly blessed this Christmas. There were so many people that were looking out for us and have been angels in our lives. Thank you to those people.

I don't have anything exciting to write about really. Christmas was so fun. Christmas Eve I received my last long treatment where I get all three drugs. It went well. It was really fun passing out the caramel popcorn I made to everyone. We gave all the nurses, patients and visitors a bag. It made lots of people really happy and that made me happy.

After chemo we had my family Christmas Eve party which is always fun. We ate lots of food, made crafts, played games and opened presents. It is my favorite part of Christmas.
Koda loved the Christmas party too
Making crafts

Christmas day we saw Les Misreables which was so incredible! I saw the play when I was like 14 and I didn't really like it because I didn't understand the story line very well. But the movie was very clear and it was so emotional and captivating.

Wednesday we were supposed to go skiing but I woke up feeling really chemo sick :/ I always forget that when I get all three drugs I feel a lot more tired and sick. I ended up staying in bed till noon-thirty.Thursday I still felt a little sick but we went skiing anyway. The snow was awesome! Deep powder and such. But it was freezing. And I was really tired and still kind of sick :/ lame-o. It was still fun though. And I got to see my friend Courtney after! Yay! She lives in New York so we only see each other once or twice a year. It was fun to get to visit with her.

Today I went sledding. I love doing things outside.
Koda did not like sledding. He is a cry-baby
My sis-in-law is funny
We caught a mouse sledding. His name was Rufus.

Now the week is almost over and that means New Year's is coming! Usually New Year's is not one of my favorite holidays seeing as I think it's late when I'm not in bed by ten, but this year I am extra excited. I'm excited because it is my END OF CHEMO PARTY!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean I'll still have one more treatment after New Year's but that is it! Can you believe it?! I actually can't. It doesn't seem real. Since June my life has been one Monday to the next. I live from Monday to Monday. But shortly it will all be over and I can live life as a semi-normal person. I will only have to go to the Huntsman every three weeks for an hour instead of every week for 4-6 hours. I'm most excited to have my hair grow back. The bald/super short hair thing was fine for a while, but I am ready for some hair.

Well....yep. Sometimes I don't know what to say at the end of a post. So um, bye.

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