Saturday, December 22, 2012


This week we went snowshoeing lots! Three days in a row. The first day it was just me and Sterling and the doggies, then we went with Cesia and her husband Chris and Thursday we went with my friends Selma and Ellen from high school! It was so fun! I love the mountains and the snow makes them so pretty. It is really fun getting to hang out with friends that I haven't talked to or seen in forever. Ellen and I were best friends in junior high, but we haven't really talked much since, so it was really cool to catch up. Maybe soon I can start running with her and Selma as they train for a marathon.....ick haha.
Koda got a coat and booties because the first time we took him he got cold and his paws started hurting

Today my mom and I baked goodies ALL day. We made like 500 batches of caramel popcorn, some pretzel/rolo turtles, homemade Almond Joys, gluten free M&M cookies, and chocolate mint Rice Krispies. Holy moley! I made 60+ bags of caramel popcorn to take with me to chemo on Monday. I am really excited. I love giving things to people there, it makes them so happy.
Popcorn galore!
Koda has been limping around since Friday morning. We aren't sure why :( It is really sad. We wrapped him up so he wouldn't put it weight on it and hopefully he will heal up faster. Poor little buddy.

Well, I can't wait for Christmas!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to get treatment Monday because then I will be almost done! AH! I want hair on my head again. I'm over the bald thing.

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