Monday, July 16, 2012

Roundhouse kicked that Chemo

Today I got my second chemotherapy treatment. I worked it like a boss!! Seriously, I didn't even get sick, I didn't feel nauseous and the rest of the day I have been totally fine!!

I took a cute pic of me getting treatment, but I forgot to text it to myself from my mom's phone so check back later tonight if you really care about it. **NOW ADDED. SCROLL AHEAD TO SEE HOW CUTE I AM. HAHA**

But here is a pic of the station

Each patient has a little cubicle that looks like this. It is pretty nice. Today went so much better with the drugs. They take forever to get you started because they have to draw blood tests and wait for the results to come back first just to make sure you are doing good still. My appt. was at 8 but I didn't get hooked up to any meds until about 9:10am. They gave me Benadryl and a nausea medicine again. I still hate Benadryl. It made me feel sick and weird in my head. The nurse said next time they will try a different drug since I seem to react weird to it. Finally!

It is super weird having an IV come into your main blood vessel. It goes directly into my superior vena cava. You know when you drink a hot/cold drink and you can feel it going down your esophagus? That is kind of what it feels like with the medicine. It's not cold or hot, but I can feel it pouring into my body and it is really quite a sick weird feeling. I don't like it. But its not miserable or anything, so I am so glad!!! I really was so lucky and blessed today. After the infusion we got a pedicure with my aunts and Granny and went to lunch :) I am about to get dressed and go to the gym real quick since I didn't work out this morning!

For those of you that didn't see it on Facebook, here is a pic of what I colored while I was sitting around :) I love Tangled. Its my favorite.

The whole chemo brain thing is totally real. I tried to play Words With Friends but my brain just gets so foggy and confused and can't focus for very long so looks like we'll be sticking to TV, coloring, maybe Sudoku, and looking at magazines.

Next infusion is next Monday at 8am! Hopefully it goes well again! My mom got me some super cute hats that I wanted, so when I start going bald in two or three weeks I am going to be rockin them :)


  1. Kalina, your positivity was a ray of sunshine in my life when we were roommates three years ago. Now my admiration for you is even deeper. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help you at this time! Also, I hope it is okay that I ask but I had some confusion while reading your blog. I believe on one post it says you have stage four ovarian and another stage two. Can you please clarify that for me?

    1. Hey yeah so at first they thought it might only be stage 2 but it is actually Stage 4 and I have 2 primary cancers....ovarian and uterine. I did say it a little confusingly!


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