Sunday, July 8, 2012

Starting tomorrow I will have chemo-brain. Apparently its a syndrome

Tomorrow is my first chemo treatment. I am a little nervous just because I am not really sure what to expect, but I'm sure it will be fine and not even that bad :) I meet with the doctor at 10:30 to talk about I don't know what and then the infusion supposedly starts at noon.

I have been planning ahead for when I am a cool bald chick and I have decided a few things:

  • I am going to wear purple eyelashes to freak people out. And maybe long sparkly ones too. I might even draw eyebrows on with purple eyeliner.
  • I am not going to cut my hair to make a wig. I'm just going to let it fall out and enjoy my beautiful long hair while I can. 
  • Not having eyelashes or eyebrows is going to be freaky and weird.
  • I think it will be funny when people stare at me all awkwardly because I am bald and scary
Also I have found some way cool head coverings/hats that I like. I hear your head gets really itchy and sensitive and that you like to have it covered. These are some of the ones that I like:
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I also think I should get some wigs like these.....

I will be pretty much so awesome.

I have a special backpack full of stuff for chemo. I call it my chemo bag. In it I have stuff to keep me entertained like magazines, coloring books, sudoku, and my Kindle. I also have a water bottle, my iPod, a journal, Ziploc baggies (explained below), a monkey and my favorite super extra soft blanket.

The tips I have heard that I will do are:
  • Chew ice chips during the treatment. The cold slows blood supply to your mouth, thereby decreasing the chance that you will get mouth sores.
  • Bring your favorite blanket because it gets cold and the ones at the hospital are scratchy
  • Bring something to do because it usually takes longer than they say, especially if you count check-in and set-up time
  • Bring Ziploc bags in case you get sick on the way home. Then you can zip it up and you don't have to smell your puke the rest of the ride.
  • Wear a button up shirt so your port is easy to access
  • Put numbing cream on your port site about an hour before they will use it because it hurts to have it accessed.
  • Eat a lot before you go because you may puke it all up or you might not feel like eating for a few days.
Sounds pretty crazy if you ask me! It will be quite the experience I'm sure. The nurses and a few other people have assured me that the first couple treatments aren't so bad, I might not even feel anything. From what I hear, I shouldn't start noticeably losing my hair till 3 or 4 treatments into it.

My port is doing pretty well! It was pretty stiff and sore those first 2 days, but its feeling better, just a tiny bit sore now. The tape they put over it made me have an allergic reaction and I was soooooo itchy the first two days after the placement that I thought I was going to blow up. Finally I took the tape off and it has felt much better ever since :)

I will write another post tomorrow detailing how the treatment went! Stay tuned for awesome, and possibly gruesome details :)

Ovarian Cancer Shoes with Butterflies I think these are pretty sweet.


  1. I hope I get to be the one to take you hat shopping and wig shopping. Man those wigs are sweet. I've got my camera ready.

  2. Trudy, take me with you! :) Kalina, you are so brave and I can't wait to see you! I'll be there in 13 days!

  3. Good luck! You ran around Silver Lake - I walked and thought I would never get back. Course I guess the 55 years I have on you make a difference! You are one amazing girl! xoxo

  4. Good luck with everything. You are such an amazing person Kalina! Oh and those hats are super cute. If you send me your address I can make you a hat and send it to you.


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