Monday, July 23, 2012

Soon to be Mrs. Baldy

Well today is my 3rd chemo treatment. It's going great! I slept a lot of it, the Benadryl they give me just knocks me out :/ I hate it. But anyway, from what I have been reading and from talking to other ovarian cancer women it sounds like I'm going to start losing my hair today or tomorrow and it might be gone by the end of the week! Yikes! Just in time for me to tan burn it at Lake Powell haha. I am going to have a head shaving party as soon as it gets all thin and yucky looking. Everyone is invited to come. Its going to be really fun! Everyone will get to cut a chunk off (if there is that much) and we'll play Pictionary on my head and have lots of yummy food :) When the time comes I will make a Facebook event and invite you all :) Unless I have to cut it off at Lake Powell, then everyone will miss it. I'm holding on to it until the last possible day! Its pretty weird that one day you can have hair and the could be gone. Lots of people have said that theirs all fell out within a few days. I have a quite a few cute hats though, I'll be stylish :) Except for my missing eyebrows....that'll be lame.

Also, I started the list of nicknames you can start calling me. If you think of some other good ones, let me know :)

  • Cue Ball
  • Baldy
  • Baldilocks
  • Squeekers
  • Chrome Dome
Pretty funny. You know what else would be funny, if I warned everyone I was going to lose my hair and then I kept it for like 3 more weeks. The doctors keep saying I will but every other cancer patient that has gone through it says otherwise. So I really don't know. Better to prepare for it now. My mom is really sad. She said she doesn't want to come to my party! I will be sad too, but no sense in being sad while I still have it!

Here's some pretty pictures by Jessie Oberg Photography. She is an amazing photographer

Well chemo went great today, now I get to spend time with my awesome mom. She does so much for me. Hope this week goes well! Holiday tomorrow...whoop whoop!

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