Saturday, July 28, 2012

If You're Happy and You Know It

This has been a boring week on my blog! I guess that's a good thing cuz there has been nothing to write about! I am just doing so well and not sick and just being a normal person so I don't know what to put on here for my avid readers :)

I still have my hair! It started coming out Monday night, but just like 2-3 strands at a time. It has sped up a little the past 2 days, now I can get a good 10-15 strands. But I have so much darn hair you can hardly tell! Even though I've collected enough to clothe a woolly mammoth. Pretty crazy. The shower today? Yuck! Haha. Looks like I might have to shave my head in Powell though :( LAME. It won't be much of party down there, but maybe I'll be able to hold out till we get back. We'll see what I start to look like. And I mean, who hasn't wanted to see themselves bald? I think everybody has at least wondered it at one time. Now I'll get the chance! And I've always wanted to be brave and chop off my hair in a cute pixie cut, now I will get to have one! Really I am quite lucky.

Um hmmmmmm Oh yeah. I AM GOING TO LAKE POWELL. Did you know its the bestest place in the world? If you didn't know, then I feel so sad for you. I love Lake Powell. And I love my cool family that I get to go with.
Last year at Powell. I am sooo cool at the air chair
Today I ran almost 4 miles! I was soooooo proud of myself. Thursday's run sucked and made me grumpy so I was extra excited to have such an awesome run today :) It was super fun and I am so glad that I can still run!

I don't know what else to say, just wanted to update everyone on my good health and my hair :) I will lose it soon, its much thinner, but I've still got it for now! Here are some pictures from our hike on the morning of the 24th. It was way fun.
Oh yeah. Sometimes people ask me how I'm "really" doing. Um, I'm seriously really doing as good as I say. I write the truth on this blog so if I say I'm doing awesome, I am :)

SMILE! And eat chocolate. It makes you happy. Seriously. Haven't you read Harry Potter?

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  1. Kalina, I love reading your blog. Your honesty and positive attitude is really something to bring us all back to whats important. Being grateful for what we have, our family, and sometimes the little things in life we so often take for granted. Hang in there. Love ya. Stephanie


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