Monday, August 6, 2012

Lake Powell: Land of Red Rock and Short Hair

Man, there is something magical about Lake Powell. It is seriously one of the most incredible places in the world. We had so much fun. I wakeboarded and skiied every day, we read and relaxed all day and ate like royalty. We got there Sunday afternoon and we left Saturday night. Sunday we just loaded up and did a little paddle board, and Monday we headed up the lake and parked in Good Hope Bay. Monday night we had a crazy intense wind storm, we half expected to wake up over the rainbow. It was scary. The rest the week was beautiful weather, windy at nights but calm and warm during the days. Most my pics are on Facebook but here's a few of my favorites.
I swear I usually get way better air, but this was really the only pic we got of me jumping and it was the first run of the week. I was out of practice :)
I kept my hair long for the first 2 or 3 days and I finally got fed up with it. I couldn't brush it without pulling it all out and it was all matted and gross from getting wet. I think it was Tuesday night I pulled out the scissors and the shaver and gathered everyone around. Sterling got to be the designated barber. I don't know how much he liked it, but he did a great job. My hair was 29.5 inches long from the top of my head to the ends when we cut it. He cut off my gross matted hair and we decided that it looked really cute short. I was planning on shaving it all off but it was cute short and I thought it would be nice to keep it so my head wouldn't get sunburned. I loved having it short all week, I am so glad I cut it off! It was such a relief.

Here is the video we took. I didn't decide to cut my hair till it was kind of dark so the video is in night mode and black and white. But it still works :)

I was sad that I couldn't have all my friends there when I cut my hair :( My mom felt bad that I couldn't have a party so she bought me a super cute hat on the way home so I can always remember our Lake Powell trip.

Sunday morning before church after I showered and stuff, it was a little too patchy to leave so I ended up shaving it before I left the house. I don't mind it, its not my cutest look, but I"ve had worse hair days :) Its nice not to have long hairs falling all over me every 5 seconds.

 can you see the resemblance? I think its a pretty good one
Pretty much everyone I've seen so far has done a great job at not making me feel weird for having no hair. It is the best for me when people just treat me like normal and don't get all sad and sorry for me. I really don't want people to get all sad or awkward when they see me, it will make me feel dumb. I don't mind not having any hair so I don't want other people to mind that I don't.

I am at the Hunstman center about to start treatment. I get all three drugs today, the carboplatin, taxol and Avastin. I'm trying to finish this up before I get tired! Wish me luck!


  1. Kalina, I think you look adorable! I had my hair cut also, but I don't look half as cute as you.

  2. You inspire me! And your hair looks great. :)

  3. You look beautiful! You are definitely gorgeous with or without hair! :) And your attitude is absolutely inspiring, we love you.

  4. Your hair was beautiful, but I am amazed at how beautiful you are without it - however I shouldn't be surprised because you are just a beautiful person, inside and out! Thanks for letting me share! Margaret xo

  5. Man oh man girl you can rock any style!


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