Thursday, August 30, 2012

Stage name: Lolita

Someone somewhere in the world is my best friend. Why? I think these pictures tell all....
I thought this wig would go great with fishnet tights and a mini skirt but then I decided I didn't want random freaky guys calling me up ;) haha
You don't want to mess with this redneck cowgirl
After many unsuccessful attempts at me looking stoned these were the only pics I looked "normal" in :)
Hannah Montana anyone?

How exciting is it to come home and see a huge pink bag on your porch? And then to open it up and find all these awesome hair pieces?! Pretty darn exciting let me tell ya. Whoever gave these to me, thank you!!! I can't wait to wear them to chemo, its gonna be awesome :) I can't decide which one is my favorite. I'm thinking the pink one and the rasta ones so far, but they are all pretty sweet.

It is kind of weird to have hair on my head, maybe cuz its plastic. I have gotten used to having no hair though! It was much warmer with the wigs on, might be nice in the winter. For some reason Sterling says he likes me better with no hair!!! I can't figure out....I think I'm pretty stylish in these babies.

Thanks anonymous friend for making my night :) And for making my future days more fun! The nurses are going to LOVE me on Monday.


  1. I laughed till I cried. I vote for the tye dye next time I get to go to chemotherapy with you and I definitely think you should go every week with new hair. I love it and the nurses will too.

  2. I like the pink one. So classy. You're such an inspiration, Kalina. Thanks for sharing your experiences!

    Taylor Berhow

  3. I have to vote for the purple one with the pouty look. You have always had such a potent pouty look anyway.

    Jim S.

  4. Then again, the PINK is growing on me.

  5. I have that exact pink wig from a Donna Sommers dance I did, back when I was on a dance team haha

  6. That is just too awesome!!! Had to wait for the laughing tears to dry before I could post. That rasta smile is pure sunshine.

    Old bear


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