Monday, August 27, 2012

Here starts my 3rd round....

Today is chemo #7!! I have 18 treatments, so only 11 more after this! I am almost half way done, how exciting!

I talked to my chemo doctor and she wants to finish up all my chemo before they do surgery again. In three weeks they will do another PET scan to check how things are looking and then my chemo doctor and the surgeon will discuss when to do the second surgery.

On Saturday I finally convinced Sterling to run with me!!! Isn't that great?! That makes for a total of like 3 or 4 times in our life? haha
Cute and chipper before the run
Hot and tired after the run.
We ran almost 4 miles together and he was so nice and patient with me even though I had to stop and rest a lot.

And the 5k my family is putting together is coming together!! Registration should open up tomorrow or Wednesday. Remember, its September 29th, probably at 7:30am, in Cottonwood Heights UT. The title is Fallen in Chocolate, same as my blog :) So that means there will be chocolate served! Yummy. Basically it involves my three favorite things: monkeys, chocolate and running. Couldn't be more perfect huh! If you want to help but don't want to run/walk the 5k, we need volunteers along the course and stuff so contact me if you'd be willing to donate your time :)

Looks like a good week ahead of me, hope everyone else's Monday is going as good as mine! School starts for a lot of my friends, have fun in school! Glad I don't have to start classes today. But tomorrow I take the GRE and I sure haven't prepared very much :-/ yikes. There is a young girl here in the infusion center just like me :) I am too shy to meet her, but I haven't ever seen anyone under the age of 40 hardly so its kind of cool! Maybe I will get brave before I leave today. **UPDATE** I did! I got brave. Well her mom started talking to me in the bathroom so then I got to meet her hahaha. She is 18 and has a desmoid tumor....its super super rare, only 900 new cases a year in the US. They don't even know how to treat it, she's getting chemo, but it might not even work! That would be so crappy. But it is non-metastasizing so it isn't life threatening which is good. So now I have a new friend I will see every 3rd week! Yay!!! 

Have an awesome wonderful day! Enjoy the beautiful weather. Eat chocolate.

P.S.- I have been wanting to do something cute and nice for all the other patients in the infusion center when I come to get chemo. I can't think of something that is cute, not too cheesy, but nice. I was thinking of making cards with a sun on them and saying something like "Here is a little sun to brighten a day that isn't much fun". Do you guys have any suggestions or ideas for me?? It has to be cheap cuz I'm poor, but I want to meet other patients and maybe make them feel a little better. So many people here look so tired and worn out, it makes me sad for them.


  1. Where is the 5K going to be?


    1. I added the location into the blog post, but it will be in Cottonwood Heights! The same route as the Thanksgiving Turkey Trot

  2. I would love to help or run! Just let me know the details as soon as you can.

    -Brittany Rawlins-

    1. You are awesome. The registration will open tomorrow and I will post a page for it on my blog, along the tabs at the top.

  3. That is so nice of you to say that it is Sterling that had to wait for you ;) Every time I read your blog it sets my day straight. How did I never see the depth and beauty of your soul. Sleep tight.

    Old bear.

  4. The race route has changed and we're hoping Bywater Park will be the start and end point. Sorry about the delay. We're still waiting for approval from the city.

    By the way, it's awesome that Sterling ran with you. How lucky you are to have a wonderfully, supportive husband. I am so happy you don't have to go through this alone.

  5. Here is an idea for you to do for the other infusion patients. Say here's a little sunshine to brighten your day! And have a little bag of lemon heads or a different yellow candy!
    I saw something like this on pinterest but it was a whole package with a bunch of different yellow things in it!


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