Friday, August 24, 2012

Sweet is the Work

Meet the new Mormon Tabernacle Organist.......ME!!!!!!!
Two weeks ago I was talking to my grandma and I mentioned that I really wanted to learn the organ. just so happens that she is in Clay Christiansen's ward (the MoTab organist) and she asked him if maybe he would teach me a little bit. So he invited me TO the tabernacle to learn on the real legit awesomest organ in the world! FREAKIN COOL. He didn't teach me a whole lot, but the basics of using the pedal and what all the buttons (stops) do and such. It was incredible. The acoustics in the tabernacle are just so amazing. Its not like playing the piano where you can hide a wrong note played. The organ, especially in the tabernacle, illuminates every wrong sound and it reverberates for what feels like hours. He had me play Praise to the Man from the hymn book.....I don't know how to describe the feeling but its like awe and majesty and like huge and so cool. You just feel the music from inside you and its huge and inspiring. 
I got to play/learn for about 25 minutes then people were coming in to listen to the noon organ concert. I guess every day at noon there is a 30 minute concert so people and visitors can experience the mormon tabernacle to its fullest. We stayed and listened to the recital. I can't believe how many things a person can do at once! Play on 5 different keyboards, 3 different sets of foot pedals and adjust the 200+ stops there are! It would be so cool to be good enough to accompany the MoTab someday.

After the concert Grandma took me to lunch at Paradise Bakery. It was so much fun getting to spend time with her and so neat that she was able to set up this experience for me! I am so incredibly lucky. Thanks Grandma :) And Clay for allowing me to play the beloved famous tabernacle organ!


  1. That is so incredible!!! I don't think I would dare touch such a grand instrument. My ham handedness would surely break keys and blow up pipes. Would have been great to have been there and seen you do it. You must have felt the music right to you bones. Thanks for the sunshine. It made a long week right.

    Old bear

  2. Oh Kalina, you are truly so beautiful. What an amazing and spiritual experience for you to have. This brought tears to my eyes!

  3. Wow!! Kalina, you rock! You are my hero for how you are living life to the fullest. These experiences are incredible! Thank you for sharing your journey. You are beautiful and doing great things with your life, keep it up!


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