Thursday, August 9, 2012

Still chuggin' on

I was worried I'd be really sick this week since I got all three drugs on Monday and not just the one, but I actually have been doing really well!! Tuesday was great, no symptoms at all and my fastest run since surgery :) That was super exciting for me. Wednesday I still felt pretty good but running was a little harder. But I was running up the canyon and this guy when he passed me said "You're beautiful!" and it really made my day :) Cuz I wouldn't pass bald old me and think I'm pretty.

Today running was....well a nice jog with a lot of rests haha. It was partly hard because I went at 10:30 when it was already hot, but I think mostly it was hard because of the treatment. Luckily other than running being a lot harder and being pretty tired yesterday I haven't really had any other side effects! I still have my awesome fuzzy head :) Its kind of fun to play with, all soft and short. Wonder if having a completely bald head will be as much fun? Guess I will find out!

I forgot about these pictures I was going to include in my last post....
This had a really pretty sunset behind us, but it got lost :(
Wooo!!! Long hair! I took this the day we left for Powell
And of course I couldn't forget about Kiki! (That is Monkey's name now). She begged me to go to Lake Powell even pulled the "but you have to take me, I have cancer!!" So she got to come and she even got to drive the boat! She wasn't much good seeing as she can't even reach the steering wheel :)

Well, off to my for real last day of class! Can't wait to be done with it! Then I really will be free allllllll day :) Tomorrow I am speaking at my in-law's youth conference and then I'm going to my cousin's drag race! Saturday I'm thinking a pool party or something :) 


  1. NO!! I can't believe Kiki pulled the cancer card! Smart monkey!

    Love your favorite Aunt! Shelly in case I have to remind you. ;)

  2. Kalina, You are amazing! You are inspiring! Love you! Janice Allison


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